Jill is the coolest chick at the office. Like, seriously. I’m confident that everyone would agree with me too.

Her style has changed a lot over the years. She was the girl in the 80’s with the HUGE hair. She said her hair filled the whole frame of her college photo. She rocked the off-the-shoulder trend, big sweatshirts, leggings and always accessorized with a bandana. The bandana was either around her wrist or her ankle, but it was her statement piece.

She credits her mom for making her the stylish woman we know today. When Jill was little, her mother made clothes for Jill and her sister and she mostly sewed dresses. The fact that they were MATCHING dresses hindered Jill’s individuality, not to mention her tomboy ways. She was always playing outside, climbing trees and racing bikes with the boys in the neighborhood, so dresses didn’t really work.

“I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t care about what I wore.”

Today, she feels most comfortable in her edgy, rocker style. She loves it because she thinks that it contradicts her personality. She’s actually very quiet, reserved and understated. Her style allows her to be outgoing and badass in a way that draws people in. It’s her social currency, which is really cool. See, Jill is a very shy woman and typically won’t be the one to make the first move. But because of how she dresses, people will approach her and want to talk about her clothes and that makes it easier for her to engage in conversation.

At first glance, you might think Jill will kick your ass, but once you get to know her, you realize that she’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.


I’ve known Jill a long time and have a soft spot in my heart for her because I love working with her. We recently reunited on the digital design experiences for new brands at Target (plug & plug) and it was a total blast!

It took a few tries before she found graphic design. She started in architecture because she was always good at math and physics. Then, she switched to fashion design, thinking it would lead to a career in costume design. When she transferred to the U of M, she found graphic design and technology and it stuck.

Her design career and her husband’s career in law enforcement, provided them the opportunity to live in other cities. They spent 7 years in L.A., where Jill worked for Disney, Sony Pictures and Mattel. Then, Target snatched her up about 12 years ago. Jill spent the first 7 years art directing the Target kid’s catalog. Now she primarily art directs digital experiences.


Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest
Iris Apfel. I admire her because she’s doesn’t care about conforming. She still has attitude and style well into her 90’s! If I live that long, I hope I’m like that.

Would you like to be famous?
Not while i’m alive. BUT I want to be remembered for something great that I did while I was here.

Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?
Nah, never

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?
Bacon & boating! Starting the day with bacon for breakfast, then spending the day with my hubby and my dogs, boating & wake surfing. I spent my last birthday just like that, only I also got a haircut and saw Wonder Woman.


If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?
F**k, that’s really hard because I’ve seen both. Mind, I guess.

Do you have a secret hunch about how you’ll die?
Not really, but I’m not afraid to die. Hopefully I’ll die with my boots on (this is a reference to a movie i recently saw with my hubs – he’ll get it.) – doing something I love or protecting someone I care about. I just don’t want to live long enough to lose my mind OR body!

Name 3 things you and your husband appear to have in common.
Even though we have very different jobs and skills, we mostly have the same interests and opinions about things. We both love working out, being outside, camping, water, cars… oh, and he’s a for-real badass!

We also balance each other out in many ways. For example, I’m the techy one becuase he’s technology challenged, and he’s the money guy. I’ve never balanced my checkbook.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
My health.

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
I wouldn’t change anything. My parents cared about me, we had everything we needed and I feel like they taught me good values.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
The ability to fly.


Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
There are a lot of things. I’d like to go hang gliding. I think I want to be a bird because I love water and air. I’d also like to travel to Iceland or Australia, but I don’t like the traveling part. I like the idea of being there, just not the getting there.

Back to style. How do you create your look?
I like to mix girlie with edgy. Like a pink fur coat with a Slayer tee, a blush sequin skirt with a camo jacket, or a floral satin robe with a Led Zepplin tee.

I don’t care about labels or brands, I just like what I like. Right now, I love what Gucci is doing, but they are cost prohibitive, so I improvise by customizing more affordable options that I get from Target or Marshalls. I love a good bargain, like finding a statement piece, or a piece I can make a statement with, for a super low price. It totally gives me a rush! I also often shop in the men’s and kid’s departments because you never know what kind of treasures you’ll find. For example, I have a Levi’s trucker vest that I sewed fur sleeves onto. The sleeves are from a fur coat that I bought in the girl’s department at Target for $8.

My patch jacket (featured image) is actually a men’s Levi’s trucker jacket that I got on sale from Urban Outfitters years ago. I recently added all these patches, but it took an entire year to collect just the right ones and get them well-balanced and in the right places. I couldn’t bring myself to start sewing them on until it was absolutely perfect.

Editorial note: The patch jacket is so beautiful in person! If you see Jill wearing it, make sure to stop and admire the craftswomanship.

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