The Surgeon

Dr. Ashley Marek grew up believing she could do anything, until she went to college. She started as a journalism major, but was inspired to become a surgeon after interviewing 2 surgeons for an article she was writing during her journalism internship. During the interview, one of the surgeons told her that she had a really good understanding of their field.

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The Minimalist

Laura is the first woman I’ve worked with that truly adheres to a curated, minimal wardrobe. She’s dedicated to classic pieces and a neutral color palette. Seasonally, she adds a pop of color to her neutral palette. In the spring, it’s pink. In the winter it’s red.

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Dress (like a boss).

From the very beginning, dressing well was important to Mary. She remembers saving up for a pair of Guess jeans – splitting the cost with her parents. Their family didn’t have much money, and she was frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t simply dress exactly the way she wanted. But she had to have the jeans – and she made it happen.

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